books by dr. jim pierson

Dr. Pierson was the first Executive Director and led the ministry from its inception until retirement in 2009. An incredible author and educator in Disability Ministry, Dr. Pierson touches each person who reads and uses these materials.

  • exceptional teaching (2002)

    This book is a timeless comprehensive guide to disability ministry. To purchase this book, please make your donation using this website and then complete the form at the bottom of this page.

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  • no disabled souls (1997)

    The touching stories of many of Jim Pierson's special friends. Good to give as a gift to a family or person experiencing disability.  To purchase this book, please make your donation using this website and then complete the form at the bottom of this page.

     $15.00 (Suggested donation includes postage). 

training supplement

Since the publication of Exceptional Teaching in 2002, it has been widely acknowledged as a helpful publication to Sunday school teachers who have students with disabilities in their classrooms. For that reason, CCDM wants to continue to offer assistance. However, times have changed and we need to provide current information to our partners in disability ministry.

The 2011 Supplement contains the following seven units:

  1. Jackie Mills-Fernald, Director of the disability ministry program at McLean Bible Church in Vienna, Virginia, and Dr. Jim Pierson combined their ideas on how churches can start and revitalize their services to people with disabilities by “making changes that lead to inclusion.”
  2.  Martha Farrington, a disability minister from Arizona, writes a helpful booklet on the most common behavior problems in the classroom and offers practical suggestions for controlling them.
  3. A diagnosis not discussed in the original book is “Reactive Attachment Disorder.” Dr. Pierson defines it and offers strategies for including those students with this disorder in a Sunday school class.
  4. With children with disabilities becoming adults with disabilities and the numbers of adults experiencing late on-set problems, Dr. Pierson also gives information that will focus ministry to this important group and offers ways to include them in the life of the church.
  5. Kathy Weltner, a disability ministry director from Modesto, California, allowed us to use her PowerPoint presentation on how to teach children with special needs memory verses. The information will be beneficial to the teacher looking for new methods.
  6.  Dr. Cynthia Zierhunt, a therapist at the MIND Clinic in California and a director of disability ministry in her church, gives an update on autism and answers some important questions on including learners with the disability in a Sunday school class.
  7. The section on Disability Ministries across the country gets 90 new ones from the State of Georgia. 

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